DIY – 10 Ways to Reuse Empty Containers

Oriana's Notes


Hey !

Everyone has empty containers at home, and almost every time when the original content is gone, we just put it in the bin and that’s it. But every time I can’t help but wonder :

Should I really throw this away ? Isn’t there a way to use this ?

It mostly happens when the container is pretty, or seems very practical. Here is a top 10 list of how I reuse my empty containers at home, maybe it’ll give you some ideas and inspiration for your own house !
Of course, if your container was food related, don’t forget to wash it carefully and dry it well 🙂

1. The Classic Pencil Holder

This one is a basic, I used a yogourt pot, and just filled it with pencils and pens. I added a bit of washi tape, to make it even cuter !



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